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1787 Census of Virginia (3-volume set)

1787 Census 3 Volume Set 

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1787 Census of Virginia[:] An accounting of the name of every white male tithable over 21 years; the number of white males between 16 & 21 years; the number of slaves over 16 & those under 16 years; together with a listing of their horses, cattle & carriages; and also the names of all persons to whom ordinary licenses and physician's licenses were issued, 3 vols. Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Speakman Love. 1987.  ISBN 0-89157-132-9.  3 vols.,  2,022 pp.   Cloth. Smythe sewn.  Limited supply.

Note: The above three-volume set contains all the counties (84) and independent cities (6) in what is now Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.  There are approximately 89,000  taxpayers enumerated therein.  The set is designed for heavy use with a library-grade cloth binding. 

The size of this set makes it expensive and most genealogists need information from only a few counties, so the publisher has made the individual counties available in an inexpensive paperback format.   See "1787 Individual Counties" under "Products."